Green Incentive

Planting your tree

Getting your hands dirty saves the planet – one tree at a time!

Treemendous Gifts trees are stress-free to plant and care for. With these easy-to-follow instructions, your tree will flourish.

How to care for your tree initially:

Remove from tube or bag and unwrap roots carefully. Replant in a 2-8 litre pot with good-quality potting soil. Ensure that roots are covered and soil is compacted. Keep the soil moist and stand in a semi-sunny area to see your tree grow. Protect from frost initially.

Now that it has grown into a viable small tree, transfer it into the open ground:

Find a suitable spot in the garden and loosen surrounding compacted and clay soil. Dig a suitably sized hole to fit the root plug. Make sure no air pockets are around the root plug and that it is at least 20mm below the surrounding ground level. Keep soil moist. Do not plant on grassy or weeded sites without first applying organic weed control.