Green Incentive


Trees are gifts that allow the soul to breathe!

Wonderfully Aware Weddings – A Tree is a superb gift that represents the future growth of your relationship. The sustainability of the tree will be a symbol of your healthy relationship for your guests who receive the thank-you gift.

Bold Birthdays – Create a completely individual invitation by delivering the “trees"" to your invited guests, with the invitation printed elegantly on the label.

Christmas – A clever alternative to a Christmas card, complete with a family photo and message on the label.

Corporate Functions – From Annual General Meetings to product launches, this gift will leave your guest/client feeling special for years to come as they see it grow.

Valentine’s Day – grow your love for that special someone with a “tree” with a heart-felt message wrapped around a sustainable gift for him/her and the environment.

South Africa’s National Arbor Month –  September -  South Africans highlight species of indigenous trees to increase public awareness of trees, and various schools, businesses and organisations participate in "greening" activities. Why not utilise Treemendous Gifts tree products to make this Arbor Day one to remember.