Green Incentive

Carbon Awareness

Our entire collection of saplings is sourced from sustainable tree growing nurseries. Treemendous Gifts is proud to promote a product which provides a real benefit to our climate because:

  • Trees remove Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the air and store it as wood
  • Six trees can absorb the average annual household emissions in CO2
  • An average car that drives 17,700kms per year emits its own weight in CO2
  • Over 40 years, a single tree can remove one ton of CO2 from the atmosphere
  • At the current rate of deforestation, the rainforest will be gone in 100 years
  • During the next 100 years, the average global temperature is expected to rise by about 2°C
  • South Africa alone emits 8.98 metric tons of CO2 per capita (From CDIAC for the United Nations)
  • By planting just one tree, an individual can help reduce their personal carbon footprint by up to 15%. 

Carbon Calculator